General Info For Shoppers

  • All of our customers are good-looking, sweet-natured, and/or wealthy--if you wanna join that club . . .
  • Sales are held from 10am to 4pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • We do not "give numbers" to early shoppers.
  • Prices marked are the prices expected (not negotiable).
  • Automatic mark-downs of 50% off on items of $50 or less and 25% off on items over $50 -- all day Sunday & beginning at 2pm Saturday. (we'll do the math for you!)
  • Machinery, electronics, appliances, etc., can usually be tested on site but you must have a staff member supervise.


  • Bids are accepted--winning bidders will be notified Sunday evening (approx. 7-9pm).
  • If you didn't win--we will not call.
  • Please respond to bid-winning notices immediately (it's less than a 24-hour window).
  • Pick-up is usually from 4-6pm Monday.
  • Bring help and/or tools necessary to remove your items.
  • We can be helpful but are not obligated to move your items.
  • If you do not want an item or can not pick it up please notify us immediately -- failure to do so could result in the loss of bidding privileges.
  • Our staff is highly-trained in various martial arts and prepared to enforce "the rules" -- Luckily -- we're even nicer than we look and understand that sometimes "rules" need to be modified.
  • We want to please you -- just ask nicely . . . or . . . "Heeee-Yaaah!!! We advertise in numerous local and regional newpapers (ABJ,, WestSide Leader, etc.,) and have advance info on our website and Facebook, check them for pictures, updates, directions, and sale-day phone numbers.
  • All sales are final.